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Negotiation skills are key to business performance!

Two negotiation researchers with a passion for training and teaching provide workshops in negotiation skills.

Do people in your organization sometimes feel uncomfortable to start a negotiation? Do they avoid confrontations or miss the possibility to negotiate better deals? Do they give in to easily during negotiations and “leave money on the table”? Do you feel that conflicts arise and are not settled in a constructive manner? Have you ever left a team meeting or a negotiation with the awkward feeling that better solutions for everyone would have been possible?

We are Fieke Harinck and Wolfgang Steinel, two negotiation researchers from Leiden University with a passion for training and teaching. Based on the latest insights from negotiation research, we provide training programs in negotiation skills. Our training aims to help your people to negotiate win-win agreements, settle conflicts and improve organizational decision-making.

We provide Workshops and On-Site Corporate Training in Negotiation Skills:

Bullet lichtgroen based on state-of-the-art negotiation research
Bullet donkerroze tailor-made to fit the needs of your organization
Bullet lichtoranje interactive and practice-oriented experiential learning
Bullet mediumblauw provided by two internationally known negotiation experts

  • WHAT can we do for you?
    We offer customized negotiation training workshops which can be tailored to the specific situation and need of your organization… [more]
  • HOW do our training programs look?
    Our workshops are interactive and engaging: in small groups, participants learn by doing, listening and reflecting.… [more]
  • WHY do you want your employees to follow our training programs?
    Negotiation skills are key to business performance for employees on all levels of the organization… [more]
  • WHO are the trainers?
    We are two negotiation researchers from Leiden University… [more]
  • MORE information?
    For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us… [more]