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How do our training programs look?

 Learning by doing, listening and reflecting in the positive atmosphere of interactive small-group workshops

Our trainings, provided in English, Dutch or German, are interactive and engaging: in small groups, participants learn by doing, listening and reflecting. Each training consists of a mixture of individual and group exercises, role-plays, discussions and short lectures. The preferred format is a full-day workshop (i.e., 6-8 hours, with a lunch break), yet other time schedules are possible. Training programs are built around a set of negotiation exercises. We will create a positive atmosphere, in which participants can take in knowledge, try out new behavior and share their concerns, mistakes and learning experiences.

Topics to be covered can include negotiation styles, win-win negotiation, common negotiation mistakes, leadership, power issues, communication and non-verbal behavior, emotions and how to deal with information and trust issues during negotiations. Other topics such as cultural differences, gender effects, or other issues that are relevant for your organization can be added on demand. We start by asking participants which questions regarding current negotiations they want to address in the program, post up these questions, and take time throughout the program to answer and discuss them as they become relevant to topics covered. This Question & Answer process guarantees that we address participants’ real concerns.

After participation, your employees will be able to immediately put to use the negotiating skills, tactics, and knowledge they have learned into their daily activities.