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Why do you want your employees to follow our training programs?

Negotiation skills are key to business performance for employees on all levels of the organization.

Negotiating with customers or business partners, with colleagues or superiors, or with representatives of other business units, successful negotiations secure beneficial deals, solve conflicts and maintain good working relationships. However, negotiations often lead to unsatisfactory results or frustration, due to insufficient negotiation skills, misunderstandings about the process, inadequate preparation or a lack of confidence in one’s own ability to negotiate.

The crucial challenge in negotiations is to reach agreements that satisfy the interests of the company, the individual and the business partner alike. Meeting this challenge is all the more important because reaching win-win agreements fosters economic prosperity, strengthens feelings of self-efficacy, increases satisfaction, improves long-term working relationships and reduces the likelihood of future conflict. We offer training programs which empower your employees to meet this challenge!

After the training, participants will:
Bullet lichtoranjeknow how to reach their goals in negotiations while keeping a good working relationship with the other party
Bullet lichtgroenprepare more effectively for negotiations
Bullet donkerrozebe aware when to negotiate, and when not to negotiate
Bullet mediumblauwrealize how to create value and reach mutually beneficial agreements
Bullet donkerrozeunderstand their own and other parties’ negotiation styles as they enter negotiations
Bullet lichtoranjebe familiar with the method of mutual-gain negotiation, developed at Harvard University
Bullet lichtgroen conceive an understanding how verbal and non-verbal communication affect negotiations
Bullet mediumblauwapprehend how power affects negotiations
Bullet lichtgroenknow how to manage a multi-party negotiation
Bullet donkerrozegain confidence in their negotiation skills